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About Partex

Partex Marking Systems are designed to help identify cables, wires and pipes, in and around junction boxes and enclosures, quickly and accurately, every time.

We at Partex have many years' experience of developing and manufacturing marking systems. The tangible results can be seen in the form of a range of products that meet the most rigorous of international requirements and can be found in installations practically the whole world over.

Here in the UK we take pride in our record of supplying our customers worldwide for four decades with quality cable accessories. Starting from a small office in the local High Street, we have grown continuously. Today, still based in Coleshill near Birmingham, we operate from a state of the art 20,000 sq ft facility.

During the last 40 years we have fuelled our growth by offering our customers personal service, high quality products and competitive pricing. We look forward to being of service to you.


Partex was formed in 1948 in Gullspång, central Sweden, under the name of Elektro-Lööf. Stockholmer Tore Lööf had begun working as an electrical assembler at the Gullspång power plant, where he was inspired to create several labour-saving inventions. By the mid 1950's, Tore Lööf had developed the product that would give the company its name, the Partex marking sleeve.

Over the years we have developed many new and innovative marking systems, making Partex the world's number 1 marking systems manufacturer.

Partex International

Partex UK Partex AB, Sweden Partex Poland

Partex is a Swedish company with daughter companies in the UK, Germany, France, USA, Poland, India, Russia, UAE, Brazil and the Czech Republic. We are also represented by distributors in more than 80 countries spread around the globe. The company is expanding rapidly, particularly in the markets outside Europe where there are extensive opportunities for development.

For details of your local distributor, please contact us.

Why Marking Is Important

Marking increases safety and reduces working times in manufacturing and during production stoppages. Furthermore, marking simplifies maintenance and reduces costs for service, maintenance, production loss, fault identification, repairs and exchange of electrical equipment.

Why Choose Partex?

Partex offers a complete range of marking products. Over 60 years' experience of development and manufacturing have given us unique expertise in the field.

Partex is a reliable business partner that can quickly deliver the exact products you order. The high-quality, user-friendly marking products fulfil current and future requirements on quality and environmental considerations.

Partex, Quality and the Environment

Partex and the environment

Quality and an environmental approach are natural parts of Partex's business, and this is evident in areas such as eco-cycle adaption, choice of materials, and production methods. Partex also strives towards reduced consumption of raw materials and energy, and is working increasingly with environmentally conscious suppliers and customers.

In the year 1993, Partex UK were proud to become one of the first companies in its field to obtain BS 5750 quality approval, now BS ISO 9001:2008 (approval number LRQ 0922797). Our quality management system is regularly assessed by LRQA who are recognised as one of the most demanding Quality Assurance approval bodies operating under the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Since then, Partex UK are pleased to have added the latest Quality Management Standard, BS ISO 9001:2008 to its achievements. The Quality Management Certificate is now available from the downloads section of the site.

Partex UK Quality Certified Partex UK Environmental Certified

Partex Marking Systems manufacturing plant, in Sweden, is certified to ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

Partex AB Quality Certified