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Partex Cable Markers

Marking Methods

Partex markers are separated into three logical groups to allow easier product selection.

Marking Method #1

Method One

Single Character Marking

Ready marked single character sleeves that can be combined to produce the completed legend. The installer assembles the combinations required, on site, using markers specifically designed to meet every application. A wide range of packaging types and accessories are available to simplify the marking process.

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Marking Method #2

Method Two

Multi-Character Marking

Allows you to order sleeves ready marked with the character combinations required. Markers are produced to your specification and sent direct from Partex. All you need to do is send us your marking data, by email or disc, using a text file, Word document or Excel file and we do the rest. The markers are produced and packed to your requirements and sent to you ready to install. This method reduces labour time which means a very low installed cost.

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On Site Cable Marking - Marking Method #3

Method Three.

On-Site Marking

Produce your own markers on site when, where and how you want them. This method gives you the ultimate in flexibility and cuts stocking costs substantially. Methods range from systems that use existing desktop equipment to specially designed production machines that produce thousands of low cost markers per hour.

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