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MDH Key Ring Dispenser

MDH key ring dispenser RoHS Compliant


  • The MDH10 installation tool and MDH20E holder form a complete installation package for PA sleeves.
  • Excellent aid when working on installation or maintenance.
  • The MD20E holder is easily loaded with MD 10 installation tools.
  • Complete marking kit for on site work.
  • For minimum installation time and maximum flexibility when working with combination marking.
MDH Cable Marker Dispenser
MDH20 Key ring dispenser complete with MDH10 wands. Each wand has 25 PA1 markers. Buy Now
MDH20E Empty key ring dispenser (no MDH10 wands) Buy Now
MDH10 PA1 Nylon replacement wand complete with 25 PA1 markers (Please specify ident required) Buy Now
MDH10 Nylon replacement wand. No markers attached. Buy Now
Please Note
  • The MDH 20 contains 20 wands each containing 25 of each PA1 marker 0-9 (incl),A,B,L,N,R,S,T,+,-, and earth.
  • The letters and symbols are black on white. The numbers can be either black on white or colour coded.
  • Please indicate with B/W or C/C after the part reference, which type of numbers you would like.
  • A wand can be easily refilled using a strip of 25 markers from the PA1 250 piece handipack.
DESIGN: The installation tools are specially designed for easy transfer of the marker to the wire. The MDH20E holder can hold up to 20 MDH10 installation tools and is fitted with a snap-hook. The installation tools and holder can be supplied separately or as a complete unit.
MDH: PolyStyrene.
TEMPERATURE RANGE: From -30°C to +70°C


Application of MDH Keyring #1 Application of MDH Keyring #2 Application of MDH Keyring #3 Application of MDH Keyring #4 Application of MDH Keyring #5