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Multi-Character Markers

paginated markers

Paginated Markers

Reels of 1000 Partex PA and PC profile markers containing a 2, 3 or 4 digit number sequence. Also available as an alpha numeric series, single number or to your own specification.

PA+ Profile

PY / PA+ Multi-Character Markers

A customized multi-character marker version of our most popular PY and PA markers. The closed, secure profile is for marking unconnected wires and cables.

PO Profile

PO Oval Marker Profile

A versatile, low-cost oval marker profile for multi-character marking. Available as pre-printed customized markers packed and sorted to your specifications. Also available in reels for onsite marking with the ProMark Portable Marking machine

PC Profile

PC Clip-On Markers

A multi-character clip-on marker for marking wires and cables that are already connected.

Polypropylene Labels

Polypropylene Labels

A range of standard and bespoke full colour polypropylene labels. The labels have a permanent adhesive and are suitable for applications requiring resistance to water, oil and chemicals.

Engraved Traffolyte Style Labels

Laser Engraved Labels

Laser engraved Traffolyte style laminate control panel labels and laser etched 316 grade stainless steel identification products.

PKS Custom Marker

PKS Stainless Steel Marker

A complete marking system for cables, hoses, pipes and components in hostile environments. Markers are embossed with your custom marking data and sorted and packaged to your specification.