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On-Site Marking Systems

T-1000 Promark Marking Machine

T-1000 ProMark Marking Machine

NEW!The latest generation of our ProMark marking machines.
Loaded with new features and improvements, the T-1000 remains easy to use and produces great quality markers for wires, cables and electrical components.



NEW! The Partex ProSleeve concept combines cutting edge technology and the highest performance materials to bring you a complete marking system for identifying wires, cables, pipes, components and cabinets.
The ProSleeve concept comprises printers, ribbons, heat shrink markers, cable markers and panel labels. ProSleeve markers and labels can be produced and sorted by Partex or, in conjunction with one of our printers, printed in-house.

MK20 marking machine

MK20 Marking System

Powerful machine for own production of customized markers under licence agreement from Partex.
Capable of marking on PA, PO and PH profiles to fit wires from 0.25 to 16.0mm²

Primacy marking machine

Primacy Card Printer

An on-site customized marking system using fast, clean, thermal transfer printing. The PC-controlled Primacy marking machine prints onto credit card format PFC marker tags.

PO Profile

PO Oval Marker Profile

A versatile oval marker profile for customized on-site marking.
Available for use with the ProMark Portable Marking machine, the MK20 Marking Machine, and as pre-printed customized markers packed and sorted to your specifications.

PP Profile

PP Marker Profile

PP is a flat, hard profile designed for printing with the ProMark MK9 printer. Also available with a self-adhesive backing (PPA).

PHZ Profile

PHZ Heat Shrink Marker Profile

Flexible zero halogen thin wall polyolefin heat shrink tubing for marking on site.

PL Adhesive Tape

PL Adhesive Tape

Self adhesive tape cassettes for use with the ProMark MK9 marker printer.

PT & PT+ Wire Marking

PT & PT+ Holders for Wire Marking

PT and PT+ are transparent "closed style" marker holders. Both feature an integral pocket to hold labels produced on-site by you.

PM cable marking system

PM Cable Marking System

Transparent holder for PF, PP, PL and PFC marker tags for marking larger diameter cables and pipes.
The PM holders are securely fastened in place using cable ties.

PS/PF wire marking system

On-Site Control Panel Marking System

Print inserts using your choice of profile and/or on-site marking machine; the inserts then clip onto the PS control panel rail using transparent holders.