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ParTool Hand Tools

CT15 standard crimping tool

Standard Crimping Tools

Our low cost crimp tools for crimping pre-insulated terminals, copper tube terminals and cord end ferrules.
NEW!CT6-25 copper tube crimping tool for terminals 6mm² to 25mm².

Ergonomic crimping tool

Ergo Crimping Tools

A new range of computer designed ergonomic crimping tools.

Heavy duty crimping tool

Heavy Duty Crimping Tools

Heavy duty crimping tools for crimping copper tube terminals.
NEW!CT10-95I heavy duty copper tube crimp tool for 10mm² to 95mm² terminals.
NEW!PHCT-240 KIT hydraulic crimping tool kit for 10mm² to 240mm² copper tube terminals.
NEW!PHCT-400 KIT hydraulic crimping tool kit for 16mm² to 400mm² copper tube terminals.

Cable cutter tool

Cable Cutters

Cable cutters for cutting aluminium and copper cables up to 400mm²...
NEW!PCC-SW100 and PCC-SW150 cable cutters for steel bar, wire rope and SWA cable.

Ratchet cable cutter tool

Ratchet Cable Cutters

Cable cutters with ratchet design provides a large capacity tool that can fit in any toolbox.

Wire stripper

Wire Strippers

Automatically strip and remove wire insulation in one operation...
NEW!PWS-GUN1 and PWS-GUN2 self-adjusting automatic wire strippers and cutters.

Cable tie tensioning tool

Cable Tie Tensioning Tools

Cable tie tensioners and cutters for use on ties from 2.2mm to 13mm wide...