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Single Character Markers

PY wire marker

The PY Wire Marker

In response to customers requests for a marker to identify the increasing number of smaller diameter data, fibre-optic and telecommunication wires Partex introduced the PY marker

PA wire marker

The PA Wire Marker

The original, and best selling, Partex marker.

PZ wire markers

The PZ Straight Cut Wire Marker

The PZ series is a straight cut version of the best selling PA marker, available, ex-stock, in the most popular sizes and several different packaging styles including, our new reusable plastic boxes.

PAZ halogen free wire marker

The PAZ Wire Marker

Single character, chevron cut markers made from Zerex - a thermoplastic based polyurethane mixture that is free from halogen, cadmium and silicon.

MDH key ring dispenser

MDH Refillable Key Ring Dispenser

The MDH10 installation tool and MDH20E holder form a complete installation package for on site work with PA sleeves.

CAS Refillable Cassette dispenser

CAS Refillable 'Pocket Size' Cassette Dispenser

Cassette Dispenser for either PA1 or PA02 cable markers. Includes an appropriate PUJ installation tool.

PAL marker box

PAL 18 Compartment Marker Box

Assortment box which facilitates combination marking work at installation site. Available containing PA1, PA02 and PY markers.

Marker applicator

Applicators for Closed Ferrule Markers

Nylon and Teflon coated stainless steel applicators for quick and easy installation of Partex markers.

PG Marker applicator

Applicators for PC Open Wire Markers

The PG applicators make it easy to mount PC 'open style' wire markers, even where access is difficult.

PLD Self-Adhesive Markers

PLD Self-Adhesive Markers

NEW!Refillable key ring dispenser containing 10 rolls of self-adhesive single character markers.

PC marker

PC Single Digit 'Open Style' Wire Markers

An open marker sleeve design for post termination marking. Suitable for electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic applications.

PCA marker

PCA Single Digit 'Open Style' Wire Markers

A clip around wire marker for post termination marking. Facilitates easy marking of connected cables, rapidly installed without tools.

PS marker

PS Control Panel Marking System

A universal marking system for control panels and components.

POK marker

POK Cable Markers and the POH and PKH Carrier Strips

The largest of the Partex range of cable markers, suitable for cable diameters up to 7mm. For larger diameters the POK10 marker is used in conjunction with the POH or PKH carrier strips.

POZ marker

POZ Cable Markers and the PKH-POL Carrier Strips

A halogen-free version of our POK10 cable markers, suitable for cable diameters up to 7mm. For larger diameters the POZ10 marker is used in conjunction with the halogen free PKH-POL carrier strips.

PKS marker

PKS Stainless Steel Cable Markers

A complete marking system for cables, hoses, pipes and components in hostile environments.