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Star for Life

Star for Life - School Partner

Star for Life

Partex and the Lööf Foundation are supporting Folweni High School in Umlazi, South Africa, for a three year period as part of the Star for Life school partner program. The goal is to spread awareness among the teenagers about HIV and AIDS, and give them hope for the future through the Star for Life program.

About Star for life

Star for Life is an organization started by entrepreneur Dan Olofsson and his wife Christine after they spent time in northern Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa and were shocked by the impact of HIV and AIDS on the local communities. They started Star for Life to reduce the number of new HIV infections among the young. They developed a program to change the behavior and raise awareness among the young, and to strengthen their self-esteem.

The meaning of the SFL-star:

Yellow – I go for my dreams
Red – AIDS free that´s me
Black – I decide
Green – I am committed
Blue – I make it possible

Partex Ambassadors

Two Partex ambassadors have been selected: Ronja Lundquist from Partex Sweden and Simon Hooper from Partex UK. In addition to these ambassadors, Partex will also be represented by Sophie Lööf, part owner of Partex and founder of the Lööf Foundation.

During this three year period, the Partex ambassadors, along with Partex owners and Managing Director Mikael Persson, will be visiting Folweni High School twice. The first time will be in March 2016, at the beginning of the program, and the final time will be after three years to follow up the results.

The Launch Ceremony at Folweni High School


movie made by Lööf Foundation.

Ambassadors Report by Ronja Lundquist


9:00 We left the hotel in a bus, together with a rather large group of people, for a half hour drive up to Nkanyiso High School. This school is preparing to become a Star for Life school so today we got the opportunity to watch first-hand how they work with the program. Today was stage 1 of 10 in the SFL program which means a workshop to introduce the students to the method and the dream diary. FULL REPORT >>>>

Ambassadors Report by Simon Hooper


Before I start, a little about myself: I work for the Partex AB daughter company in the UK, Partex UK. I have worked at Partex for 22 years, for the past 10 years as an IT Manager. I am 41 years old and married with two young children. I volunteered for the Lööf Foundation to be an ambassador for the Star for Life program as, having two small children myself, I was keen to see the difference that the Star for Life organization makes for these kids.

The coach left the hotel at 9:30 for the short journey to Hluhluwe Public School (pronounced something like shushlewie).
On the way, the Star for Life Secretary General, Sam Ollfsson, gave us some background on the Star for Life project: for the first eight years, SFL worked only in High Schools but, due to repeated requests to work with younger children, they started working in primary schools too. To date, the SFL program is running in 13 primary schools and 90 high schools in the area, with each child costing approximately 200 SEK to put through the program. All money raised by SFL stays within the organization and is used directly in the project with equipment and staff sourced from local communities.

The Hluhluwe area is in the middle of the worst drought in living memory, however, ironically, the coach had to drop us outside the school entrance due to the mud caused by the last two days of rain! The locals are very grateful for the rain, even if we’re not, as it hasn’t rained in some areas for many months. FULL REPORT >>>>

Ambassadors Report by Simon Hooper


Today is the last day of the tour. We all checked out of the hotel early and loaded our bags onto the coach. Scheduled for today is the Star for Life inauguration at Nkanyiso High School.

We visited this school on Tuesday to watch the teaching of their first SFL workshop. Nkanyiso High School is perched high on a hill, many miles up a dirt track. After the last few days of rain, the tour organizers decided the road may not be passable for the coach so we all boarded mini-buses for the journey. In the event we got to the high school without any problems. FULL REPORT >>>>