TX - Markers for terminal strips

Terminal block marking with strong hooks for safe snap mounting.

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Product characteristics

  • Markers for terminal strips in the form of strips of connected individual elements.
  • Thanks to the strong latches, they hold tightly on the terminal strips and withstand high vibrations.
  • Excellent legibility.
  • Up to three lines of horizontal or vertical text.
  • Widths correspond to the different sizes of the strips.
  • Available with any print or plain for description with MK100 and MK500 plotters.

Product properties

Working Temperature
from -30 °C to 60 °C
Black ink jet print


  • Height
    2.8 mm
  • Length
    6.1 mm
  • MK500 machine

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  • Height
    4 mm
  • Length
    9.6 mm
  • MK500 machine

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