Pipelines and tanks

Pipelines and tanks

Marking pipelines with coloured labels and arrows is required by UK and European standards. Labels are placed on pipelines to ensure quick visual identification: their colour provides content information, i.e. vapour, water, acid etc; the arrow indicates the direction of flow. In addition to the content type marking, the pipeline should be marked with a sign including, for example, its name and KKS number. For the permanent marking of tanks, we use high quality materials, resistant to environmental conditions. Laser-engraving or colour UV-printing ensure legibility for years.
Marking liquid flow directions

Durable and accurate marking of pipelines is essential to ensure operational safety. In a well-identified system, you can find the cause of failure and repair it more quickly. Worldwide, there are many pipeline marking standards. However, all of them require using the right label colour depending on the type of carried medium. Also, the size of arrows indicating the flow direction, marker font size and label spacing, based on the pipeline diameter, are also important. For marking pipelines, we recommend labels resistant to aggressive agents and high and low temperatures.

KKS markers

The KKS system (Kraftwerk – Kennzeichen - System) is commonly used for coding and marking pipelines and fittings data. The markers used must be suitable for the environment of the object being marked (temperature, environmental factors, etc.) and ensure marking legibility for the service life of the facility. Markers should be mounted in visible places, on fixed, non-removable components of the facilities. A plate made of properly selected material can be riveted to a steel holder and the whole assembly attached to a pipeline using a cable tie. Tie length should be selected according to the diameter/circumference of the pipe.

Marking tanks

Containers and tanks used to store hazardous substances should be duly marked, including the relevant warning symbols. For the permanent marking of tanks, we recommend boards made of PVC, aluminium or stainless steel. Laser engraving or permanent UV-LED printing onto the proper material ensures high resistance to ultraviolet radiation and aggressive environments. Board size and mounting method depends upon the tank size.

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