Machines and robotic stations

Machines and robotic stations

Partex marking systems are selected by machine and production line builders as our wide range of products enables them to clearly mark components, and also to secure them. With our products you can: mark facility cables and cables inside machines, fix cables and pipes securely, secure cables, hoses and harnesses, mark machines with information and warning boards, and use products detectable by metal detectors.
Identifying cables

Durable and legible marking of cables is essential for their future use, especially in the event of failure, where clear marking can shorten downtime and resulting production losses. We offer a wide range of cable markers to suit common operating conditions. If you are looking for markers for use under extreme conditions, we can emboss stainless steel markers for you. You can also make cable markers onsite, using our printers. For many applications we recommend transparent holders with slide-in labels. However, if you are looking for a flexible marker to work on your cable, consider the PPQ range of markers. You may design them yourself using new Promark Creator software and print using a Partex printer.

Mounting cables and pipes

Proper mounting of cables and pipes is very important for the safe operation of machines in all branches of industry. Our solutions will help reduce the risk of damage to electrical cables and pneumatic lines, thus minimising the risk of failure. Our range includes a series of cable harness or pipe mounting solutions. We offer cable ties and mounts with different methods of attachment to the substrate. Ties are made of nylon or stainless steel, like their dedicated bases. They are available both as self-adhesive and for bolting or riveting to the substrate. Our range also contains self-adhesive clips for the direct mounting of cables.

Protection of cables

Industrial equipment usually operates under very difficult conditions so it is important to provide wires and cables with special protection from contamination, humidity, mechanical forces and chemical substances. Our wire and cable protection solutions are successfully applied at the stage of construction and operation of machines and equipment, control panels, control cabinets and switchgear. Since your safety is equally important to us, our protection shielding hoses and braids are also available in halogen-free versions.

Warning and information notices

Warning and information notices are strictly defined by EU machine standards and directives. They must be visible, durable and legible. We can make nameplates and information notices for you by engraving in laminate or stainless steel. Coloured markings and logos are produced using inkjet technology. You can also make plates on your own with Partex equipment. Our range includes laminate and aluminium engraving machines and self-adhesive label printers.

Detectable products

Detectable products are widely used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where eliminating all potential hazards is essential. During the production and operation of equipment, particular attention is given to reducing and detecting the entry of foreign objects into the production line. For this reason, wires are marked and mounted using products that can be easily found by metal detectors. Our range of blue metal-detectable cable ties are specifically designed for this purpose. They are available in a range of sizes and are both halogen-free and self-extinguishing. If you are looking for maximum durability, consider cable ties and markers made of AISI 316L stainless steel. If you want to mark a machine or cabinet in a safe manner, use an embossed steel marker or a laser engraved steel plate.

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